Conclave Mobile App

This year’s conclave will feature a mobile app! 

The conclave mobile app will serve as a “hub” for the 2022 Section G16 Conclave, enhancing the participant experience by providing up-to-the-minute information and interactive features. 

This page contains all the information about the conclave mobile app project and will be updated as the project progresses through the summer. 

The mobile app will be available to all registered conclave participants and staff and will launch the beginning of September.

About the Mobile App

The section first used a mobile app as part of the conclave experience during the 2016 and 2017 conclaves. Overall feedback showed that the majority of participants enjoyed the use of a mobile app to enhance their conclave experience. Unfortunately, the prohibitive cost of developing and maintaining a native mobile app coupled with conclave locations with little to no internet connectivity (wifi or mobile) prevented the section from using an app. 

Finally, we are able to bring the mobile app back, and it is better than ever! The new mobile app is a progressive web app, rather than a native app (see FAQ below for difference), allowing the section to build, design, and support the app for a low cost using the section’s current technology infrastructure. This will also allow the app to be accessed on virtually any device without having to download anything special from an app store. Additionally, feedback gathered from Arrowmen around the section and conclave participants over the past 4 years have be integrated into the new app to bring the features conclave participants really want. 

The mobile app is meant to enhance the conclave experience. It will replace most conclave publications, handouts, and information documents used during the event, reducing the amount of paper the section has to use. 

The app will combine information from the traditional conclave participant guide along with interactive features that will make the conclave wide game, shows, and programs come to life. 

Check out the list of features, project timeline, and frequently asked questions for more information about the conclave mobile app. You can also preview the app’s design and layout below. 

In late summer, registered conclave participants and staff will receive a detailed guide to accessing and using the conclave mobile app. 

The 2022 Section G16 Conclave mobile app is designed, maintained, and operated exclusively by the Section G16 Communications Team. 

If you have any questions about the mobile app project, please contact


The mobile app will contain the following elements and features:

  • Weekend schedule
  • Interactive conclave map
  • All general conclave and program information previously found in the printed participant guide
  • Conclave support chat and contact tools
  • Push notifications
  • Conclave news, program updates, and event alerts
  • Interactive polls and activities for shows
  • Surveys and feedback tools
  • Social feeds
  • Photo upload
  • QR code scanner
  • conclave wide game and Spirit Award tracking
  • and MUCH MORE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the conclave mobile app? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions first. 

FAQ didn’t answer our question? Contact us at

A native app is specifically designed to run on mobile devices and is built using the programming language of each platform. These are the apps that you download from your device's app store (e.g. Google Play or Apple App Store). 

A progressive web app (PWA) is designed to run inside a web browser using common programming languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). PWAs work on virtually any device using any common web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.). 

Because of the need for advanced programming and specific requirements from each platform, native web apps are much more expensive, take more time to develop, and are harder to update. PWAs, on the other hand, require similar resources as nearly every website on the internet so they are relatively inexpensive, take less time to develop, and are easy to update. 

In the case of the Section G16 Conclave App, it is basically a super mobile-friendly website with some additional code to give it app-like features (e.g. download to the home screen, hide browser bars, push notifications, splash screen, etc.). 

Yes. The mobile app will require a connection to use the large majority of the features. 

Once in the app, you will have the option to save a PDF version of some information (e.g. weekend schedule) to your device where you can view it offline. 

All interactive features including the conclave wide game, interactive map, and shows activities will require an internet connection. 

*Powerland Heritage Park does not have wifi. Participants will be required to use their personal data or other internet connection methods to access the app.


While the mobile app will replace the full printed version of the participant guide, some key information will still be provided in a printed format including a copy of the weekend schedule and a printed map.

If you do not have an internet-connected device, you can still participate in nearly everything that conclave has to offer. 

We will have a paper version of the Conclave Wide Game, Spirit Award, and other important information available by request that you can pick up and use to record your participation. We will also have staff available with internet-connected devices that you can use to record your progress and view updates. 

Just visit the communication HQ at the event for assistance.

We are in need of staff to help with publishing updates, providing technical support, assisting participants, and monitoring the mobile app during conclave. Just contact the Section G16 Communications Team at to get started.

The section is providing access to the mobile app and use of its features at no charge to the participants.

The section is not responsible for any fees incurred for going over data limits or accessing the internet. 

The mobile app will only collect basic personal information necessary to create an account on the app and participate in the conclave-wide game. This includes first and last name, email address, age group (not specific age), lodge name, and chapter name. The app will also collect any information submitted through forms and surveys. 

Additional non-identifying information may be collected by our analytics and security tools. Some features may require access to your device's location or camera, which you can revoke at any time. 


Additional information will be contained in our cookie and privacy policy located on the app during conclave. 

We don't "need" a mobile app to put on a great conclave. We've been doing that for many years. However, the mobile app will enhance the conclave experience and provide something new to the conclave program for this year.

It is important to note that conclave will not have an app every year. It all depends on location and available access to the internet. 

The Scout motto is Be Prepared. We will be prepared with print versions of all materials and the ability to make copies should the need arise. 

In the event of a major technical failure or outage, we have a plan in place to provide a minimum inconvenience to the conclave program. 

Project Timeline

This is the tentative timeline for the major phases of the mobile app project.

  • Design & Development

    During the design and development phase, the team will build the basic design, layout, and interface of the mobile app and work with the various conclave committees to integrate program-specific features into the app.

    Estimated Completion: Mid-June

  • Content

    During the content phase, the team will work on adding all the major content (text, images, links, etc.), build out the pages, and plan out the information that will be published within the app.

    Estimated Completion: Mid-August

  • Testing

    During the testing phase, the team will work with a small group of volunteer testers to test the features and operation of the mobile app and make any necessary updates.

    Estimated Completion: Late August

  • Training

    During the training phase, the team will train the necessary conclave staff members to update, operate, and provide support to the mobile app onsite at conclave.

    Estimated Completion: Late August

  • Launch & Promotion

    Finally, after many months of hard work, the mobile app will be launched and made available for all conclave participants and staff members to access.

    Estimated Completion: September 1st

App Preview

Coming soon!

Sign Up to Be a Mobile App Tester

We are looking for Arrowmen to be part of our testing group! 

Mobile app testers will run a variety of tests from a provided checklist on their personal mobile devices in various device/browser conditions and configurations. 

In addition to playing a vital role in the success of the mobile app, testers will be among the first Arrowmen in the section to see the full app and its features before the event.

Interested in being a mobile app tester? Click the button below and fill out our sign up form.